Monday, June 18, 2012

Attending Another Victory for #24

Happy Father's Day!! I definitely want to start this blog by stating one more time just how incredibly blessed I am to not only have the greatest dad in the world, but to also have the best husband.  Wow!

Alright, on to the other event that took place on Father's Day.  UO's graduation.  Normally, that wouldn't be such a big deal.  Despite our working with the college ministry, I've only ever attended one other graduation ceremony (Julie....miss you!!).    However, earlier this week, John received a text from Kenjon asking if we'd join his family in attending his ceremony.  You bet!

So, we showed up at his apartment and took lots of pictures...lots of that all afternoon.

This is is mom and dad.  I'm pretty sure his mom looks younger than beautiful!

Then, after a harrowing race across town to not lose Kenjon in his infamous orange Camaro, we got to UO and hurried to where his ceremony was about to begin.

Officially a graduate now!!!

Even now, as I add this picture, it nearly brings tears to my eyes.  This is Gary, Kenjon's dad.  Prior to leaving Kenjon's house, we had joked with Gary about this being quite the way to celebrate Father's Day.  He responded by telling us that Kenjon had "ruined" two significant days in his life...this one, and the birthday he had when Kenjon played in the National Championship Game in 2011.  Too bad they didn't win that one....but, still, what a way to celebrate!  Kenjon's dad is so proud and so protective of him - so when they embraced after the ceremony this hug lasted quite a while and was accompanied with tears.  Made so much more poignant with the huge decision Kenjon faced last December when deliberating whether or not to forgo his final term and enter into the draft, this moment encapsulated all the pride he had for his son and the very wise decision he made (and all the hard work along the way to get there)!

After attending his Social Sciences department graduation, we sped over to another part of campus for the Student Athlete ceremony.  Unfortunately, that had just ended once we arrived, but it was kind of a blessing as we weren't all that keen for sitting through more speeches.  Instead, we took advantage of the building clearing out, the food, and a little time for the family to unwind.

This is brother and sister....Kenjon once said to John (on their first meeting together), "I don't just love my family, I'm in love with them" - meaning they mean THE WORLD to him.

Pictures were taken of John and Kenjon, and then Kenjon and the kids.  I was busy trying to find the one Diet Dr. Pepper amid the ice-filled cooler and apparently Kenjon started getting a little huffy that I was ignoring him and didn't pose with him individually.  Oh, me?  Why, of course!!!  He's got this goofy relationship with the kids, mentor relationship with John, and of course, straight up friendship with folks like Heather, Kaela, and Michael.  As for me - well, I look after him with oatmeal raisin cookies and Apple Struesel bars, make sure he picks up the program that was earlier handed out for the Athlete Ceremony (along with highlights DVD, don't want to forget that!), and inform him of the game times announced for the first three football games this season, (Kenjon: "Night game, oh I hate those, are you serious?").   Second mom, no, not quite....  But "extended family member"....oh, you bet! 

This is how the afternoon on campus ended.  The kids messing around with Kenjon, goofing off.  You have to wonder if ten years from now, it won't be Brayden wearing that cap and gown and Kenjon standing off to his side rooting him on.  I sure hope so. 

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stephietoo said...

Congratulations, Kenjon! we are so proud of you. What an amazing way to spend the day and what an honor to be asked by Kenjon to attend his graduation.