Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cottage Grove Lake, MIB3, and Super Regional UO Baseball

We woke up at our own pace on Saturday morning, which was such a beautiful thing.  We knew the Schilling family wouldn't be joining us until around 4pm that afternoon, so we had a free day....what to do, what to do?

Well, since this arrived in the mail from Amazon on Wednesday (courtesy of a Christmas gift card from Mary Beth...thank you!!!), I've been itching to test it out.  The idea of staying warm and boarding?  Oh, yes please!!

So, upon seeing some blue sky through our living room skylights, I threw out the idea of spontaneously taking the boat out, and the family "bit".  We were hoping to get Solomon to join Brayden as Kenady was available to come for Mikayla, but it didn't work out.  Oh well, that means it could be an even swifter trip with one less person wanting to be out on the board.

As it was, it was just me that wanted to wakeboard.  I'm not so sure if the video that Brayden took on John's phone will actually load up/play on this post, but if it does, you'll see a very happy girl living it up on the first run of the season.  The water was quite glassy (at least big chunks of it were) and it felt AMAZING to be gliding across it again.  I'm feeling my efforts today being sore all over, but it's a good sore with no headaches attached.  I can't even tell you how huge that is to me.  It's been a stretch of several days in that pain in my neck has been non-existent.   Lately, that is rare.  To be able to wakeboard (and even take a pretty good face plant after trying to jump a bit on the wake) and not "pay for it" gives me such hope.

The rest of the time on the lake was spent doing "twisties" on the boat (whipping it around really fast), and pulling these three on the tube.  I think we did a decent job keeping it lively and fun, but safe with no one spilling out. 

There were a ton of geese swimming along as we returned to the dock.  Ahhhhhh....

After a stop off at DQ, we came home just in time to meet up with the Schillings and head to the theater to watch this.  Such an entertaining movie....two thumbs up!

The busy day ended with Michael Chase joining us to watch the first UO Super Regional Game against Kent State.  The Ducks did NOT play to win and despite coming close to regaining the lead, they failed to ever make up for all of the errors.  Hopefully, the second game will return us to the Ducks that deserve to make it to the Collegiate World Series....

What a busy, but very enjoyable, day!


Tiffany said...

Hey, Steph!!! Now, that's my kind of day!!! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself with no headaches afterwards. I've tried to post on my blog, but I'm having a bit of difficulty. It says that blogger is no longer supported by Google...hmmm:/ I'm going to have to find out what to do about that! Are the kids out for the summer yet?

StephieAnne said...

That is so weird about Blogger saying that. I haven't seen any evidence of problems like that on my blog - in fact it still shows me signed in under the name of a Google Account. I want that to be fixed for you so I can read all about your fun adventures!

No, my kids are STILL NOT OUT OF SCHOOL! Tuesday is their last day, and it's just a half we are very, very close. Thank God! And, the forecast for this next week shows sunshine for the next 10 days with temps in the 70's - can I get a "Hallelujah"!!!!

sara said...

Sadly, the video wouldn't play for me...I wanted to see that face plant! :) So glad that you are feeling good after being able to have such a great time!

My team (U of Ariz) won their super regional!!!!! whoop!!! And AR is actually doing well in theirs!

Tiffany said...

I figured it out. I needed to download Google Chrome in order to see all the features available to post. I kept trying to download it, but kept getting "error03," which was "it's already downloaded on your desktop, dummy" lol. I'm just glad I figured it out, so I could post.:)

Tuesday's not far away AT ALL...and I'm glad the forecast looks'll be a great start to your summer!

StephieAnne said...

Tiffany - glad you are up and running!!!

Sara - the video doesn't include my face plant - glad that's what you want to watch!!!! =) Actually, Brayden took it and it's not that great - I still need to do my own Blogger research on how to upload videos, I've never been very successful in figuring out how to get a video from a phone/camera to my computer to blogger. Any suggestions?

StephieAnne said...

Oh, and it is good your teams are doing well in baseball - the Ducks are NOT impressing us. They better seriously step it up if they want to continue moving on!

StephieAnne said...

Hey, the DUCKS WON!!! Woo hoo! Hopefully they've got their mojo now and will continue it tomorrow at 4pm.

I've also figured out some new tricks with video uploads, good grief, I'm going on 7 years of blogging, you'd think I'd know this stuff by now!