Sunday, July 01, 2012

Horses, Blueberries, Wreaths, and Whitley

On Friday, we let ourselves lounge for a bit in a real bed (and not an air mattress) - and then headed out to Mom and Dad's.   Mom graciously agreed to work on Michele and I.  We brought Christina and Jackson along to keep our kids company while we were in the massage room.  The first point of agenda, however, was visiting/feeding the horses.  As you see these pictures, recognize a few things.  If the horses look mean (like Celila in the first picture), it's only because she wants to be the first one to the carrot and is worried that River, who is standing nearby, will get it first.  (Hey, I get mad too when someone threatens to steal my treats!).  They are also HUGE MOOCHERS....they love to come get treats, and will literally just lick/nibble on your palm (no teeth involved) even if you are out of food.  It's super sweet - I love it, but Jackson was convinced that he got bit.  Really, what I just described had happened - if he'd been bit, he'd have known it, and his hand would have shown it.  =)  It's fascinating how attentive horses are to their "visitors'" comfort level.  Having had horses present in my life (at least to the degree that they've always been at my "growing up" home) - I feel the utmost confidence around them.  As does Michele.  Our girls are getting there. 

This is what the kids did while Mom worked on us.  They picked the blueberry bushes bare.  I'm actually a little remorseful that Mom and Dad let them take so many - they took away over two cups each.  But, knowing how fast those berries turn to blue, how many green were left - and that it was supposed to rain in the next couple of days and this prevented Mom and Dad from having to pick them in the rain (or let them spoil) - we allowed Dad to call the shots and let them go to town. 

Later that evening, I FINALLY got around to showing the girls how to make their Fourth of July wreaths and getting my own completed.  Whew...made it before the holiday passed!

This is a picture of Ellie and John conniving together to steal the bin of food set aside for future movie going/special events.  It was so cute....definitely a special moment between the two of them full of their joint plan of overtaking the treat bin!

And, oh, how I love this precious picture.  First of all, is Stephie not looking GORGEOUS?  I'm telling you, that girl glows being pregnant!  Tomorrow, she'll be at 33 weeks - Travis was freaking out all night long after having listened to stories of co-workers delivering early and how he should be prepared for Whitley to arrive "any moment".  With two children who had no desire to come out and had to both be induced, I'm a little more skeptical!

Ellie and Nati both wanted to feel Whitley kick - so they were "laying hands" on Stephie. 

The rest of this weekend has been largely "regrouping".  I've got a big list going of "to-do's" in preparation for this Fourth of July week; Brayden and Traig both starting their first week of apprentice counseling, and all the other special happenings of the busy month of July.  Top that off with about two dozen loads of laundry (the perfect returning from camping including all of the blankets we brought and Brayden returning from a week at camp...) - and I don't feel like I can get away with too much downtime.

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Neha said...

Those horses are handsome. And I love the last picture. All the best to Stephie and her to-come newborn.