Sunday, June 07, 2009

Trinity House Formal

The Formal was one of those events that started out pretty darn stressful, but got more fun and relaxing as the night went on. Unfortunately, we just got more tired, though....just-can't-keep-up-with-those-young-uns............

We arrived at the church about an hour early with grand ambitions of setting up unique poses and locations such as this:

However, we ended up here, trying to cruise through 40 or so sets of couples portraits in a budgeted half-hour.....(Hence the stress!). John and I did a good job working together, though, and had a lot of fun especially with the couples who had ideas in mind as to what they wanted to do for a pose.

Following the pics, we ended up in here, for a very nice sit-down dinner......

And, then, a fun shot on the way to the vehicles to head on over to the Trinity House.

When we arrived at the Trinity, there was a beautiful room full of amazing desserts and a non-alcoholic beverage bar.

In the "White Room" - this was set up - just waiting for me (yikes!) to give directions as to how to navigate Bunco.

Finally, the dancing......since it's not inside the Baptist church, it's allowed!

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