Saturday, June 27, 2009

On the "Receiving End"

Sometimes, it's harder to receive than it is to give. There's that whole "Am I really deserving?" issue, or perhaps, "Am I showing them enough how much I appreciate this?". Finally, there's the, "When will I ever be able to pay back this kindness?"

Funny thing, though, seldom when I've been on the other side of the equation have I pondered those thoughts. Whether or not a person is worthy, if they are acting thankful enough, or what they have to give back - often, the joy is simply knowing that I've met a need, created a smile, or on some very blessed occasions, made a person's day.

This week, I can definitely say, the Rileys have been on the receiving end of being gifted. A very dear friend was able to do something professionally for us that saved us a lot of money and worry. Childcare was provided on an afternoon that was especially helpful. And, finally, I'm able to be writing this blog from Sunriver due to the kindness of Dennis and Lisa - and in turn, the kindness of Lisa's longtime (best) friend who owns the house that they are staying at for the week.

Earlier this week, I recognized that this weekend was one of the last "wide-open" weekends of the summer, and "What should we do with it?". I really wanted to spend just one evening somewhere in Central Oregon, but nobody rents for just one night in the resort-ish areas around here. We got Mikayla a new bike this week (that should last her all the way through - like Brayden's) - and I wanted to be able to take off and enjoy the trails of either Black Butte or Sunriver. However, John and I kind of gave up on the idea as it just seemed like too much money for staying a place we really didn't want to (i.e. - hotel in Bend).

Fast forward to Wednesday night when Dennis comes over and -long story short-, we end up getting a phone call from them that night begging us to consider staying with them for a night. Ummmmmmm, oh, twist-my-arm, OKAY! And here we are. This house is incredible, the weather is gorgeous, all of our bikes were able to fit in the vehicle, the packing was super minimal - we are feeling mighty blessed!

So, while I could lament over all the reasons why we don't deserve all this, I think I'll spend my time enjoying it instead. Because, I know, if the roles were reversed, that's what would bring me, as the giver, the most joy. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

P.S. - A shout out thank you to Stephietoo for also blessing us with taking care of our Syd... we love you!

The view from the deck, the upstairs living room, and the kitchen:


Stephietoo said...

Gorgeous house! I am glad you guys were able to get away for at least one night. Syd and Bogey are enjoying the backyard right now; running up and down the fence line with the neighbor dogs directly behind our house- Tango and Cash. Miss you guys. Have lots of fun! Love- Stephie

j.nelson said...

uhhh hello! looks epic