Sunday, June 07, 2009

Our Turn

While we still owe them a sleepover, we tried to pay Mark and Amy back a bit by taking the kiddos out on the boat with us today. They scored about 3 hours on a Sunday alone as a couple, I just wish it could have been more.....(Darn piano recital for the Meyers kids!)

Julie had her last run before heading back home to Cannon Beach for the summer (did I mention she's a surf instructor there?). She went from last time out, just getting the knack of getting up, to today - actually doing hops as she's going over the wake.....She's got skills and has already passed me up. Hmmmm, good thing she's leaving for the summer! =)

And, Travis, having had some ankle issues, did his first run today. Seriously, John and I agreed it was the best run we've ever seen him do. Wow.... I kind of forget just how amazing he is.

Other than that, it was catching air with the intertube for the kids - perhaps a little too much as we had them all asking to "be done" by the end. Sorry, kids - you looked like you were having fun........!

I came home with a killer headache and - THANK GOD - was able to come home and take a long nap that succeeded in ending the headache and making up for last night's 1am bedtime.......Now, off to the last CCF of the year!


sara said...

love your pictures on the lake. how's the water? you guys all look like you are in wet suits so I am assuming it is cold!

StephieAnne said...

I tend to be a wimp about water I'm almost always in a wet suit. But, this lake is actually pretty warm - we mostly had the kids in them because the air temp was only in the high 60's.

It's the same place as last week's pics - when it was in the 80's....definitely super swim-able then.......

Thanks for all of the fun comments and interest, Sara!

j.nelson said...

I knew it.. you can't wait till I scamper back to cannon beach! ha. thanks again for taking me out. I think im addicted :)