Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Spring Triathalon

(Thanks for the great pictures, Nancy!)
Tanner's got a little height on Brayden, eh?

Today was the annual triathalon for the third through fifth graders at our kids' elementary school. It is such a cool activity - one of the neatest things our school does, in my opinion. With the cooperation of the Eugene Swim and Tennis Club (where I work out and spend much of the summer) and the folks who coordinate the Eugene Marathon - the kids arrive to the school, park their bikes in a particular numbered location, get their number (with Eugene Marathon logo on it), ride their bikes to the ESTC, swim 4 lengths of the pool, ride their bikes back to the school, and then run 3 laps around the track.

The event is totally optional - and in fact, you have to sign off as parents that they are capable of doing all the things on the list. I'm going to confess now that it might have been partly our fault that they did even more clarification on capabilities, because last year Brayden kind of sucked wind with the swimming. The whole thing was a discouraging experience for him as he is able to swim (i.e. not drown), but his stroke was very inefficient and very slow - the p.e. teacher eventually threw him a kickboard, which didn't make Brayden very happy. In addition, he lost stuff, couldn't figure out the lock on his bike, and was in the bathroom when they took the group picture. (Yes, that was a bad day - and one in which the whole ADHD thing was nagging hard).

So, this year - we prepared better. We asked Stephie if she would be willing to meet one on one with Brayden at the location that her and John work out (which also has a pool) and this last Sunday, after returning from the lake - her and Brayden had their private lesson. Stephie is a phenomenal swimmer, having swam in high school and been state-ranked. It's a joy to watch her swim now - she'll beat anyone, and has such finesse. Having just tried myself to do some lap-swimming about a week ago - I'm in's so exhausting!

Anyway, Brayden came home from his lesson singing Steph's praises - telling us he'd learned more in that hour than the lessons at ESTC would have taught him in 4 months! (He's so funny the way he comes up with random numbers). She taught him better form and to flip over on his back when he tired of the crawlstroke (he still doesn't have the breathing rhythm down).

So, way long story short......Brayden did great today! He felt super-successful in all of the three venues, didn't lose anything, and took part in the picture-taking. Way to go, dude! Progress is being made, that's for sure. Sometimes you can't see it day by day, but when you look at the big's there!

(And, Stephie - huge thanks! You are the best!)


Lois Lane II said...

Awesome!!! I'm glad Brayden did so well!

Colie said...

Brayden looks very tough in that middle picture! Way to go! It's fantastic to see progress:-).

Growin' with it! said...

oh sure...your school is putting on incredible events like this (which YOU ROCK BRAYDEN...WAY TO GO) and hmm, lets see...our school? yeah, putting up murals that cause HUGE debate and uproar. still love our school, but man...we get jipped sometimes!

Stephietoo said...

Brayden- I am so very proud of you! The things you learned and soaked up in just one 45-minute lesson- absolutely amazing! I am so proud that you retained what I taught you and remembered to keep your hips up when doing the backstroke!

Steph- I would like to work with Brayden some more, at some point, to work on his breathing. That is something that is really hard to get down, and it will make a huge difference in the amount of 'flailing' his arms do when he is doing the freestyle.

Love you guys!