Friday, June 12, 2009

Hangin' with My Boy

I love it when impromptu ideas turn successful. Yesterday, Mikayla had a playdate with Kenady afterschool, so I decided it might be a good day to hang with Brayden. We opted to ride our bikes over to the Meyers to pay a quick visit, then on to Jamba Juice. Once we got home, he initiated a game of "no keeping score" Scrabble (YES! I played a game with my son....I always feel like a good mom when I actually do something like that....). Finally, once Mikayla returned home, we ventured off to the Dollar Theater and watched "Race to Witch Mountain" (John was gone overnight on a rare business trip). Mikayla ended up sleeping through a good chunk of the movie which was probably good as it scared her a bit. It also succeeded in fostering even more of a "date with Brayden" feel. BTW - I LOVED the movie. Just enough adventure and fun to really fit my bill.....

Lately I've been a little mellow regarding how old the kids are getting. Brayden's cousin is heading to middle school next year and Brayden is just one year behind. I can't believe how fast the time is going (but yet, I still want to speed the next few days ahead to finally get to the end of the school year!). It prompts that, "I'm losing them" Mommy worry in me, but on the flip side - life just keeps getting better and better with them.

After we rode home from Jamba Juice, Brayden made a point of saying, "Just so you know, Mom, I had a really good time with you - I love you." (Insert watery eyes in Mom right now....). My boy is 10 - and doesn't hold back telling me such things - and in fact, relishes in it. We held hands on the field trip - held hands in the movie theater....but, by no means is he a sissy boy attached at my hip. It's like it's the best of all worlds - way better than I expected and not at all what I worried about.

On Tuesday, we were blessed with the Mertz family's company for dinner. Ali Mertz will be a junior next year and I was blown away by her whole demeanor. Interactive, kind, engaging, warm, fun....and so complimentary of everything in the house and all of the food. Once again, it disarmed some of those worries. I know she's an extraordinary girl, but if that's a fraction of what I have to look forward to in Mikayla at that age.....what a treat!

So to sum up this rambly post a bit, I think my points to keep pondering are:

1. Savor these moments I have right now with my awesome kids.....
2. Stop believing that as time goes on they will become any less awesome.....

And, as for today - we're off to Wildlife Safari with Stephie (grading "no school" day). Bring on more "moments and memories"!

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