Saturday, June 20, 2009

Party Central!

It's been party central here at the Schillings' house. All three of Michele's kids were born within 6 weeks of each other - so she can get hit really hard with all of the parties. This year, she opted to have the oldest two back to back as it involved kiddos from Eugene taking part. On Monday, Michele will head down to Eugene and Ellie will be celebrated with a little "Build-a-Bear" and Cold Stone Creamery.

Friday night was the girls' night. We took the crew to see "Up". It was a very sweet movie - I especially liked the talking dog. The girls were all very nice and a lot of fun.

Then, today, was Traig's "Amazing Race".

My job was to monitor the "Roadblock" in which they had the choice to guzzle a can of root beer and then belch, or squeeze a quarter cup of juice from a lemon and then drink it. All 4 of the groups chose the root beer. No surprise.

I like the one pic of the boys - as you can see Michele's house directly behind them (right across the street from the sports park and Aquatic Center).

Lisa is in another one of the pictures. She liked to welcome the groups with a special greeting - she took her role seriously. Her Roadblock involved having groups try to find 45 cents worth of coins hidden in a bowl of spaghetti - while blindfolded.....

Some of the other activities included steering your buddy who is blindfolded through a scooter course, putting together a Micky Mouse puzzle (with a secret clue on the back), id'ing baby food, tossing "Splat balls" into a net, and getting Baxter to perform 3 tricks. Michele came up with awesome tasks -

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j.nelson said...

aww cute :) good 'ol family time!