Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers' Day!

How about that? A planned family gathering that went off without a hitch! No appendectomies, sickness, or spouse's out of town.

After a delicious breakfast of amazing Dutch Babies:

and honoring John with a few things -

We headed to church and then met up with Mom and Dad as well as the Schillings for pizza. This place has such a nice atmosphere - the irony is that it used to be "Pietro's" - where many a family gatherings occurred since the time Michele and I were born.

Next stop, across the parking lot to Camp Putt. (The above picture was actually taken from the back 18 of the miniature golf course).

This might have been one of Ellie's first miniature golf course experiences and she loved it. I can guess a couple of reasons for this - 1) She was in a team with just her mom and dad, so she got lots of two on one attention....

And 2) Her first shot resulted in this.......


Next up was Michele - shown her after her first shot, yes, that would be off the putting course and in the grass where her ball ended up.

However, I can't say Mom and I did much better - this shot had wayyyyyyy to much power.

But, we had a lot of fun pal-ling together with Mikayla and Nati in a team.

Meanwhile, Grandpa was joined with Brayden and Traig - who were actually taking the game seriously and keeping score.

If you can't tell by this picture - Nati did NOT take the game too seriously.

And, Ellie - well, she had interesting strategies in how she lined up her shots......

I think Brayden's strategy was to distract Grandpa with conversation while he tried to concentrate on his shot.

Ultimately, Traig emerged as the victor of their trio.

We liked how this photo turned out - it almost looks like it could be an album cover or something.....if they ever started a band.........

And, as for this picture - its purpose was to prove just how well my dad follows directions....(Note the sign in the lower left hand corner).

And, yes, the "Father of the Day" (from our house anyway) was there - he was just busy using his favorite present - a new lens for his camera, by taking all the pics.

No event would be complete without the obligatory "group shot". Unfortunately, Michele stepped on Nati's hand just prior to the picture being taken (by they kind cashier of Camp Putt). Hence the tears.... Ellie also had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction with her hat completely covering her face..... Oh well, that's part of the fun of these pics.

All in all - a WONDERFUL Father's Day. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing dad that I grew up with, and such an extraordinary husband that exceeds all my hopes as a father...... Wow.......


j.nelson said...

too cute. p.s. i'm glad the new glass toy of johns is all he wanted it to be, and it's cool to see some images from it :) fully jealous.. FULLY!

sara said...

these were great pics and told the story of your day beautifully!!!

ok, that dutch whatever looks amazing? would you share the recipe?

Anonymous said...

chele said...
Traig stepped on Nati's hand - not Michele... I just wanted to set the record straight! Awesome pics - thank-you John for taking them and thank-you Steph for posting them!