Monday, June 29, 2009

Just Hangin' Around

After a very successful visit to my Mom to get "worked on" - (issues with my neck and headaches are getting a bit better thanks to a new prescription for a muscle relaxant to be taken at night, just don't take two at once....practically a zombie the next day....but, one at a time- oh yeah, that's helping a lot) the kids decided they hadn't had enough bike riding when in Sunriver. Works for me!

We took the long route to get to the "safe" bike path and I was so impressed with Mikayla's improvements. She's "official now" - the sky's the limit as far as the potential for our new adventure family biking adventures.

Our "destination" ended up being a small park on the other side of the river. The kids demonstrated their skills in "just hanging around" :

And, this pic shows just how small Mikayla is compared to her very-big-girl bike. But, hey, it works for us.

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