Friday, June 19, 2009

"Land of the........ VERY DISTURBING!"

This is going to be a rather "announcement" formatted post.

First, in reference to the title, please do NOT waste your money on "Land of the Lost". We saw it from about 11:30 to 1:30 last night at the drive-in (second feature) - SO GLAD the kids were pretty much asleep and missed all of the foul humor. What's happened to Will Ferrell? Can we please return to the fun of "Elf" and get his movies out of the gutter? The irony is, when I first heard this movie was coming out, I thought - "Oh Michele and I have to go see this together" as we faintly remember watching the show it was based on. Then, the reality occurs - and we are lamenting that we can't leave the drive-in without disturbing everyone else parked there - and have to suffer through it. The good news - the first movie was "Night at the Museum 2". My fam had already seen it, but I actually enjoyed it even more the second time around - as did everyone else....lot of fun laughing with Michele.

Here's some pics of last night - note Michele and I's happy drive-in feet:

The oldest three sharing an Icee:

The boys found a wonderful position on the lawn chairs, until it started raining (typical Oregon June weather). Fortunately, it was short-lived and we were able to kick them out of the van again before the movies started.

Definitely not my favorite group pic.....there's a lot of pre-dusk playing in the center area that led to more mud than we were counting on.

Second announcement - man, I've missed this guy! The greeting I got when I walked in the door was "epic" (quoting from my college friends)...... Apparently, he really does love me more than "just anybody else". We've been actively trying to make up for a lot of lost time bonding since I arrived at Michele's yesterday.

Announcement number 3: Apparently, in an effort to train me to be a better nurse-maid to the sick, God decided to allow Mikayla to suffer through John's cold....I'm trying to learn from my mistakes and do better. (As well as keep the alternation between Advil and Tylenol consistently coming for her). Michele was complaining last night of a scratchy throat.....oh brother....Yes, Lord! I'm learning my lesson!

Finally, check THIS out! After saying "NO" to Facebook, his own web show (thank you "I-Carly"), and his own cell phone, John and I finally relented and said "yes" to our little man who so desires to socialize, when he asked if he could have his own blog. Imagine our surprise when we realize he is actually wanting to write - and post about his feelings - and is open to our (mandatory) reviews of his writing and editorial corrections. Don't look now, but our son is asking to practice his writing! He would be very encouraged by your comments - so those of you that know him, I'd like to selfishly ask if you'd stop by and say "Hi" from time to time (so that he'll be more inclined to stick with it). Checking for comments is now one of the first things he does in the mornings! (And I've been saying he's so much like his daddy.....hmmmm, I'm thinking there's some "Mom" peeking through).

As for the rest of this weekend - Nati's "Up" movie (theater) party is tonite - and Traig's "Amazing Race" party is tomorrow. Then, back home in time for Father's Day. I hope you all have a super weekend!

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j.nelson said...

who are you quoting steph? tah.hah! so yes answer to my question it was a drive in movie.. they still have those? but really i was confused! can't wait to fill you in.. and oh my remind me to tell you about my surf lesson this morning...= answer to prayer!