Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Favorite Weekend of the Summer

It's a tough life, huh?

What does it say when you already think you've had your favorite weekend of the summer and you haven't even hit July yet? We're starting strong, that's for sure.

A couple of bike rides, wonderful company that enjoy relaxing in just the same ways we do, delicious food, and the scenery, and scents, and wildlife.....oh, it's just fantastic.

These pics were taken last night - the first one being the Quigs family that invited us, then the kids having fun......

Okay, a couple of shout outs.....
- WAY TO GO BROTHER JEFF!!!!! He finished the Western States 100 mile Ultra-Marathon early this morning - that's right - 100 consecutive miles in 100+ temperatures, through the rugged terrain of the mountains near Tahoe (and in a very impressive time and placement). We are SO PROUD of him!

-Mikayla proved her skills as a bike rider today in our super long ride. The wheels on her new bike are nearly as tall (or taller) than her legs, but John was able to lower the seat so she can just barely touch. It was courageous of her to take it on, and she totally kept up, and made it up the same hills the rest of us were huffing and puffing on. Good-bye "Tag-a-long" (the contraption that attaches at the back of a bike to accommodate a smaller rider) for this family..... Hello "real family bike rides"!

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Anonymous said...

i love that first picture of you reading with the mountain tops behind you...beautiful!!!! way to head into summer, feet first!!!! we did the same last week with many trips to the water park and it's not even July yet...i agree!!!