Saturday, June 06, 2009

I Love Slumber Parties!

.......especially when they are at some one else's house and.......
.......especially when they involve both kids!

Tonight is actually the first night that Mikayla is spending the night at someone other than a family member's house, and as you can see by these pictures, it was successful! Way to go Mikayla, - and Christina and Amy for making it happen! (Brayden is over there as well, happy as can be with Andrew).

Meanwhile, John and I are nestled in bed, both of our laptops open - with two dogs snuggled around us (Mom and Dad are in Coronado, so we have Mackie). I'm super tired, but it is so cozy, just John and I - that I really don't want to go to sleep just yet.

John and I just returned form partying it up with the college students. The Trinity House had their Spring Formal and we were asked to do the photography (well, John was, but we're a package deal, and I'd like to think I contributed). That involved taking about 40 couples' portraits, pictures during the dinner, coordinating and photographing the round of Bunco they played, and then sticking around once the dance floor opened for some pics of that. I'll do another post with just a few of the higlight pics (of the 1035 pictures that were taken!) tomorrow.

I'm guessing Michele's feeling a bit fatigued right now too....She participated in an event modeled after "The Amazing Race" in Portland today with her friend, Melissa. They raced all over downtown (Broadway area-among 500 other paired-off participants) - taking pictures in front of landmarks, based on clues that they solved. I'm pleased that I was one of her "Phone a Friends" and was able to do some clue-solving of my own this morning with the help of Google..... It sounded like the only downer of the entire event for her was that it was colder than expected, but otherwise, they had a blast. Way to go Michele and Melissa!


Anonymous said...

that is a lot of pics!!! WOW! how nice to be able to hang out with your hubby just the two of you!

StephieAnne said...

Yeah - you wouldn't believe how many friend requests on Facebook John got after uploading all of them (around 3am) today. He already had most of the kids as friends, but any he didn't had to request "friend" status to see the albums (later on someone "tagged" everyone.....). Good way to make lots of Facebook friends, that's for sure!!! =)

And, yes, last night was kind of priceless - just snuggling together at home......after such a crazy-fun evening.