Monday, December 08, 2008

You Guys Are Too Sweet

Oh, you all are SO SWEET! Thanks for caring. Bonnie wanted me to "show and tell" - so here's a pic I just took of my hand. On my index finger on the left side as you are viewing, is the only place a blister emerged - solely because it's the only area that did not receive the WaterJel* treatment. You can then see the white area on the pad of that finger and the white strip going across my thumb. I am not kidding when I say that it barely hurt today! I am shocked and full of praise that God answered such a seemingly impossible prayer request after I felt it hurting to the extent that it did last night.

Regarding the baking - here's a picture I took of it all laid out on the counter - we had Sugar Cookies, Mint Snowcaps, Heath Bars, Mounds Bars, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Molasses Cookies, Saltine Toffee, and Cranberry-Coconut Bars. There's also fudge for Liz and Gjusta. Everything turned out excellent, except the toffee still didn't set right....**

Thanks to John being the best husband in the world, he helped me out this morning by completing a project that I intend to give to some poeple in my daily life... What a hero to me. He also straightened the house so that my departure for the entire day to Woodburn didn't completely haunt the whole week.

The first stop on our shopping adventure was at Michele's house. She had a delicious breakfast waiting for (left to right) Christy, Nancy, Lisa S., and Marjie.

Once we were fueled up, we were ready to hit the bargains. Michele and I ended up doing our own hunting while the other ladies wandered in a different direction. I actually spent the last hour asleep in the back seat of Nancy's car while the rest of them took care of business with Nike (the outlet, that is). I'm lovin' those backseat powernaps lately!

All in all, the day went so much better than I thought it would last night. God is good...

=) Challenge, Day Seven: This was a close call. Yesterday I realized that when one isn't in a very good mood, one isn't so eager to look for occasions to make others smile... Fortunately, during church, I was able to pass a compliment that one person told me about a gal to her when I greeted her ("that Cassie is such a sweetheart...")

=) Challenge, Day Eight: I think the cookies qualified.....

* Here's the post I did when Mikayla got hurt quite badly with a curling iron 2 years ago. Obviously I'm a fan of this product.

** Here's the post I did after doing numerous repeat attempts at toffee in 2006. You'd think I'd have it down by now....


beeeeeeeee said...

OK - I was just joking about the blister picture, but thanks for sharing! ;-)

Wow - that is a lot of cookies. I don't think I've bcked that many cookies in the entire past year... They look terrific!!

A nap in the backseat - you are a genius! I'm going to have to try that one.

Beverly said...

Oh my word!!! That burn looks terrible! Please say you got some major TLC out of that.

Did I miss why you were being Chuck Norris-ish? Was it a slow blog day??? bwahahaha

Being a big fan of all cookies, those photos made me drool. What a nice treat for John's peeps!

StephieAnne said...

The skin looks even worse today, but NO pain - it's incredible. I just wasn't thinking when I took that pan out - I was doing way too many things at once, it's not good to multi-task when dealing with hot baking pans!

Colie said...

Your cookies look amazing and your burns sad. I have used the burn stuff and it works pretty well! I bought some after Mikayla got her burn.

I hope you are healing and I'm so glad you are not in pain any longer!

Finally, it sounds like you had fun at Michele's house and shopping! I love those girl times.