Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ruthie B's Ladies' Luncheon

Today was another No-School-Snow-Day. No big surprise, the temperatures never got above freezing so the roads are still a sheet of ice. Around here, we have no sanding trucks or de-icing salts that are applied, so things really do become quite a bit of a mess.

I was happy for the kids, but it complicated a "function" I had planned that 18 women had previously agreed to attend. We were going to have a Christmas Ladies Tea/Luncheon with a White Elephant Gift Exchange. The locale was a wonderful antique store/cafe - that has the most amazing sandwiches, tea, and scones. In the past, we've taken our girls - often in order to celebrate one of the three birthdays this time of year - but this year, I suggested a "big girls" gathering. (We also secretly planned on ambushing Amy with some "Happy Birthday" presents as her birthday often gets overlooked landing in between Christmas and New Year's).

Due to the fact that all the kids were home, our number dwindled to half. Thankfully, Kristin F. had her daughters watch my kiddos (they brought Jack along too) - so I knew the kids were having as much fun as I was with their friends. Even better, that meant Kristin drove me over and we got the chance to catch up - that woman is such a gem. Every time I spend time around her and her family I realize how much more I wish for more opportunities to hang as a family.

Ironically, Kristin and I scored each other's White Elephant contributions. This one was meant to be homemade things - or things of meaning - and everyone brought such great stuff. It was a very nice time - and certainly amidst this weather contributing to a whole lot of cabin fever, a wonderful chance to be civilized and pampered!

=) Challenge, Day Sixteen: I'm hoping I get a little bit of credit for putting today's events gathering together. There are 9 women smiling in the picture, so that has to count for something!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love your jacket.

The last two days have been heavenly....just staying home, a couple sledding trips, no homework, no work...like a laid back vacation!!

StephieAnne said...

John bought that coat for me after Christmas one year - maybe in 1999? I only pull it out at Christmas time - and even so, pulled it out for the first time in MANY years last Christmas. John had said several years back he wasn't so found of it, but I couldn't part with it. Glad I kept it....and I think yesterday he grew to like it again-

And, yes, the weather has been delightful! Did Albany have school today? Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie - thanks so much for the letter and the CD - I love the music!! Thanks so much!

I agree - cute coat. And that place is so fun. Wow!