Saturday, December 20, 2008

The End Is Coming!

I can't help it folks. This time of year, it always happens. I lose sight of the festivities in the here and now and start dwelling on what's to come - which is...."the end", "nothing", "it's all over", and yes - five months of winter-like gloom....

Isn't that terrible? Trust me, it's one of the qualities I most wish I could change about myself, and really only rears its ugly head at this time of year.

Throw in the recent weather phenomenon and of course, my obsession for watching the forecast for snow in Sunriver (for when we're there)- and even just watching the weather website shows me that it's all going to end soon. (Apparently, back at home, the snow is gone- it's just rain--- here in Dallas they'll have snow just through today before that happens-).

I know this also has to do with that euphoric high that can only last so long before it has to plummet down again. Yesterday was a grand demonstration of that. The morning was so idyllic - SO PERFECT, and then the temps increased, the fatigue set in - and by the time Michael and Michele attended a party in the evening and left me with the five kids and a new puppy I was downright CRANKY. Moody, tired, a little down - and realizing, "oh yeah, that's the OTHER side of having a puppy - how soon we forget!"

I just wish I could find a moderated balance at this time of year. To not swing to such extremes back and forth. I wish that I could take each moment for exactly what it is instead of spending this time worrying about how quickly it will all be over.

Fortunately, the timing of our Sunriver vacation has been changed to occur the day after Christmas through New Years Day, vs. the week prior to Christmas. This will certainly result in a much more festive frame of mind on Christmas day as I'll still have so much to look forward to. But, dag-nabbit, (as Ellie would say), I really need to get a hold on this before the kids start inheriting all of these bad habits too.

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Beverly said...

First - I'm so glad I went back to see if you happened to answer my question about Dallas!! I was starting to think you were in Dallas, TX, which is only a few hours south of me and I was confused by the snow comments. Aye yi yi!! I am easily confused anyway...

And, I so understand where you're coming from about being in the "now" and enjoying it. There's just so much to do this time of year and you seem to be busy, busy, busy. I don't really have any words of wisdom but hope, somewhere in this season, you get what you wish for - more balance! And maybe a little peace for your spirit!