Friday, December 05, 2008

Happy Friday!

It's Friday everyone! I think this first full week after Thanksgiving is always a doozy-- it can seem so long.

Last night we attended the Gospel concert at First Baptist - oh how I wish you could have all been there! Just looking over the program had me confident from the start that it would be a memorable evening as Melissa (the director) had chosen songs and arrangements that are my absolute favorites. Our buddy, Scott, did his own solo - and wow!- it's crazy when you've known someone so long and have never fully been aware of their gifting- The kids were a little tired (Brayden, "Is this going to be on the Countdown Calendar again next year?!), but the Coldstone Creamery stop (right before it closed) helped a bit. Whatever we can do to help our school.... (that "After Dinner Mint" combination....ohhhh my, SO yummy).

Today is another work day at my house. It will probably be a smaller turn-out, which is fine. At first I thought I'd be so organized, I wouldn't know what to do myself, but at this point I've got a pretty good list going, so if no one else shows up, I should still plant myself in a chair and get 'er done.

=) Challenge, Day Four: (I am so loving how God keeps providing opportunities....) While I was at Safeway, a woman spotted the two jars of marshmallow cream in my cart and after looking all over through the baking aisle, asked where I found them. They were in a random end-cap, so I merrily walked her all the way down the store to help her find them (laughing about the randomness of marshmallow cream being located by frozen foods). Also, the concert was PACKED! (Lines began over an hour before it started). We were there early, and able to secure 6 seats for John, I, the kids, and the Whites. However, Mikayla asked to sit in my lap which just happened to open up a seat for the gentleman next to me who happened to have a friend arrive late and need a seat. Pretty cool.


beeeeeeeee said...

I have got to find a good concert around here. Or a good ol fashioned Christmas pageant. It seems like everyone has either cut them out or, like our church, is doing something different like a live Nativity (still cool, but not a *pageant*...)

Thanks for the insporitaion about the Christmas Challenge!

Growin' with it! said...

DAGgone it. completely forgot. and you are so GOOD at sending out notes and reminders. bahumbug. well, i'm still in my jammies and boy do i have a work day laid out before me here in this house.

hope it was fun and delightful.

Stephietoo said...

That was an amazing concert! Thank you for 'dragging' us along with you. Travis and I were also in awe of Scott's voice. LOVE IT!