Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Slip-Sledding Away!

Lots and lots of pictures - and I'm uploading them and typing this so I don't have to be quite so stressed watching the game - ahhhhh - what a shoot-out!

One of my favorite pics of Travis and Stephie -

And, not such a bad one of the two of us - I think my honey looks especially "smart-looking" in this shot!

I love this look on Sydney's face- the object in her sights is an ice-encased stocking cap that had been abandoned on the sledding hill....

Here's a grand look from the top - not a huge, scary route, but because of the ice and number of people, full of plenty of bumps - chiropractors must make so much money off of this course!

We all thought this was a beautiful shot of Bogey-

Michele was such a sport today - she was one of the few adults brave enough (and without a chronic neck issue!) to continue going down again and again-

We were trying so hard to get Syd's attention for this shot, and instead she gave John a kiss -even better!

I thought this was a good "capture the feel" shot of John sharing his pics with Chele as I took one of them and Bogey and Travis in the background.

Stephie's run down the hill was a little less than successful, but I sure admire her positive attitude!

And Michele looked to be having perhaps just a little fun- note the progression of her and Ellie down the hill together - and in the end, Ellie was still smiling.... (and of course, so was Michele!)

Woah, Nati - are your steering this thing?!

If these boys were just a little older (and not so daring...) we could have left them there all day - they were having SO much fun-

How blessed we are to have built-in best friends with these cousins....

(By the way, Michael had to return home for the past couple of days to complete a very important year-end project (work) - we plan on seeing his full smile tomorrow as we root for the Beavers in their bowl game!)


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Stephanie! Looks like you are ending 2008 in a great way!

Beverly said...

I just have to laugh because we went snow tubing yesterday.......at the Bricktown Ballpark!! It was 68 degrees - we were practically in shorts and tank tops sliding down man-made snow hills. (It will be on my blog tomorrow.) We would have much rather have been in all that glorious REAL snow you were having so much fun in!

As always - great photos!!

SoonerAggieMom said...

love love love those snow pics!!!