Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bowling with Our Buddies

If you're in a funk, here's one sure way to get out of it....

This has been an activity that we've tried to make happen every year, but it's always been so difficult to coordinate. We decide to not make it a priority and randomly put it on the Countdown Calendar, and what do you know, everyone but the Schillings can make it.

Got some classic pictures of Lisa helping Adam send the ball down the lane, Andrew and Brayden commiserating that they don't have a bumper on their lane, me thrilled that I got a strike, and Steph thrilled when I did NOT get a spare. (She KICKED my butt, getting an all time high for her of 150 compared to my measely 105 - in fact, she won out of all of us!).

I love the different bowling postures of everyone as well - Dennis trying to get the ball to move to the right as demonstrated by his lean, and of course, the leg kick of Amy.

Currently, everyone is now kicking it at our house with chocolate chip cookies and the Las Vegas Bowl on tv. Good times. Good times that can happen once Christmas is over too - I need to remember this!

Once the party returned to our house, Stephie took to the puzzle that we were supposed to put together as a family (but never did), John introduced Amy to Facebook, and Lisa and Mark spent some time on their computers....(and we all enjoyed chocolate chip cookies).

=) Challenge, Day Twenty: I got the idea to hand over five grocery sacks of pop cans to the folks doing returns (our state gives a Five Cent return for each pop can). When I arrived, there was an older gentleman there that I thought would be the perfect recipient. However, when I asked him if he wanted them, and he said, "Yes", he followed it up with, "What, you don't want to do the work yourself?" (meaning, put them in the machine that gives you the receipt to take you into the store). Hmmm, all I wanted was a smile! I shook my head, said, "No - just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas".....


Growin' with it! said...

hmm, your day of bowling sounds waaaaay better than our trip to both malls today. what were we thinking!?

Beverly said...

I just know if we lived closer, you and I would SOOOO hang out!! Probably because I am a terrible bowler - hardly ever breaking 100.
Love the bumpers - I'll take any help I can get. Plus, it always breaks my thumb nail.

Your pictures are wonderful - as always. Do you scrapbook? You should with those gems!!