Thursday, December 18, 2008

Potter's Quarter

The Countdown Calendar activity for yesterday was going to the local pottery painting locale and having some family bonding time working on ornaments. As usual, the kids (particularly Brayden) went way too fast and bumped the table frequently, which stole away some of the tranquility, but all in all, it was a fun time.

I'll post pictures of the finished products when we get them, but here's a picture of John working on his masterpiece:

This was his first time doing something like this, and as I suspected, he really enjoyed it. He went a little overboard though (insert comment about pacing himself....!), and decided to draw the Duck's "Autzen Stadium" on a switch plate for Brayden's room. We had all finished painting by the time he was still working with a pencil. So, the kids and I picked out "Snuggle Down" books for them at nearby Borders (in the event they do have school Friday - please cold temps - come and turn this rain back into snow!!!!) - and even went and got ice cream at nearby Dairy Queen. We returned right before the store closed at 8, and John still wasn't done - he has to go back on Saturday morning to finish... hee hee!

I need to get to work unpacking the $400 worth of groceries for all of us in Sunriver from Costco and Walmart SuperCenter right now - thought I'd be better off buying now than when everyone is grocery shopping for Christmas dinners (we leave the day after Christmas). But, right now this computer is so much more inviting that the rainy 37 degrees outside!!!!

Here are the finished products:
First up, my Santa Claus:

Mikayla's tree:

Brayden's Duck-colors star ornament (which sadly, mommy dropped and broke):

Finally, Daddy's Autzen Stadium switchplate - the view from the path coming from the river.... amazing job, Daddy!

=) Challenge, Day Eighteen: I tried to interact with as many folks as I could in Walmart - particularly trying to engage a toddler regarding the snow..... Hopefully we'll produce some smiles tonight by hosting John's college buddy, Aaron and his girlfriend for dinner tonight too....


Melanie said...

Okay I have to leave a comment. I love reading your blog and hearing about your family. I got your blog address from Angie who got it from Mich a long time ago, but I have recently been a very consistent reader. I hope its ok. Since I never comment, I feel like I am snooping, so I am announcing my presence. You amaze me. Always have. Merry Christmas

Mel J

StephieAnne said...

Oh that's just crazy! Hey Melanie!!!! Welcome, (of course!). I'm sitting here with John and Mikayla in the bedroom trying to decide if we have school today - and yippee!!! - we don't. That means we get to head to Michele's and meet their brand new puppy----- can't wait to post pictures of that guy!

I hope you are doing well - I'll need to get your address from Michele and start sending you Christmas cards - but then again, if you've been reading my posts, there's no new news!

I love it that you have been reading, whenever I find that out - it's always humbling, but exciting. I welcome "unannounced readers" - but sure do love the comments too.

Merry Christmas, my friend - you amaze me too!