Monday, December 08, 2008

Pot Mitts Are For Pansies

For everything that was so "right" about Saturday, it turned on us on Sunday.

Exhibit A:
Yes, that's my hand - and yes, the title rings true. While on my 9th and final recipe for John's cookie trays, I decided to turn "Chuck Norris tough" and forgo the use of a pot mitt when pulling the sheet of cookies from the oven. Let me just say my index finger and thumb did not take kindly to that experience. I spent about 6 hours after that clutching an icepack - without it, the pain was rather unbearable. Fortunately, we also had a burn kit with Burn Gel for such occasions, but that wasn't nearly as helpful this time around.

So, to actually have slept through the night is huge - (I had to wake up early to finish what I left last night) - and to not have to be next to the ice pack - also big. Last night, in desperation, I wrapped the fingers tightly with one of the gel-pads and it seemed to finally do the trick. Now I have a couple of latex gloves over it through my morning tasks - I'll see what I can do to look less "burn-victim-ish" for my day with my friends up to Michele's (to show off her house, which they haven't seen, and then on to Woodburn).

Needless to say, typing is a bear right now, but I wanted to fill you in just in case you were tempted to try the tough approach yourself! More later....


Anonymous said...

I must say, Chuck Norris is a good example, not even one tear was shed!

Seriously, I have the best wife in the world! Not because she decided to show how tough she really is, not because she continues to cook a huge amounts of treats for my companies I have been apart of for the past 12 is because she has the biggest heart in the world!

I love you dear, you complete me!
Your biggest fan,


Growin' with it! said...

i would LOVE to see the look on their faces when you bring them in. now that's sacrificing out of love girl!

oh and john, way to make the wives melt on your lovey dovey comment there. so true. you do have a wonderful wife!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear of your pain.... I really appreciate the tray of goods John brought this morning. I said, "Are you kidding me..." I textd Liz and said, "Tis the season for the Riley goods. Come get your fudge!" Thanks again. I can see it was a true act of love.

Merry Christmas


Anonymous said...


Show us pictures of the blisters next!

Just kidding.

Good thing the goodies were worth it (per the comments...)


HollieHobbie said...


And can I have the recipe for the Heath Bars and Mound Bars? Are they Nancy's recipes?

And what a great group of shopping buds! That picture really made me nostalgic for you guys!

PS: I always looke forward to the Riley Christmas card each year... and this year you did not disappoint. I loved it! Way to go being the first in my mailbox.