Monday, December 01, 2008

What I Just Put On My Bulletin Board

I read my first devotional from the $ .99 book I got from my order of It's called 31 FAMILY DEVOTIONS FOR CHRISTMAS, and if the rest of the book is as good as today's, I think it was worth the dollar and then some!!! It's very short stuff each day, with scripture, devotional, prayer, and practical tips. The prayer really got me today, enough that I typed it out, and then posted it on my bulletin board. Hopefully, I'll read it every day and keep me focused in the right light...

Father, Thank you for the upcoming holiday season. Thank You for sending Your Son for us. Help me to keep my focus on You this Christmas and to make this a time of love, hope, and joy for my family and friends. Allow us to bless someone in need this year. As I begin planning for Christmas, let my heart be set on worshipping You this season and not expecting the “perfect” Christmas. Amen


JustMe said...

I've also gotten some really good deals from I bought the movie "Flywheel" on special a few months ago and finally watched it last weekend (by the same church that went on to make "Facing the Giants" and "Fireproof"). It was great.

I buy devotionals for myself and/or the kids on a regular basis and never seem to do them, so I admire you...but Tyler wants to read through the Bible and my mom and grandma are on board as well, for a 2 year program 2009-2010. Maybe the peer pressure will help me stick to it!

Beverly said...

I'm headed to that website now...that sounds wonderful!