Monday, December 15, 2008

Robbery! Caught In the Act....

Yup, that snow day happened! I had planned on spending today wrapping presents, and went ahead stayed up until 1:30 this morning (last night) to get most of the job done. Okay, I'll admit, I just couldn't go to sleep until I figured out if it was really going to snow or not. Sure enough, around 9:30, the white stuff finally started falling, and the temperatures started plummeting, just like they said it would, only a whole lot later than they predicted. The end result turned out the same though - no school. Now, for those of you thinking we are very wimpy to cancel school for this little of snow, just know that there have been a ton of accidents all over, many highway sections closed as a result. People just don't know how to drive in this stuff - and that's what makes it so dangerous!!!

So, the kids got to sleep in - and play, and upon watching them outside with the camera in hand, I caught this robbery in progress. I can't even tell you how MUCH Sydney loves to play with the kids like this, and even more, involve them is some sort of game of "Chase" which often requires her stealing something so they'll run after her. Don't you love that look of "victory" she has on her face in the last shot?

=) Challenge, Day 15: This one was a bit ambiguous - but I think that's okay. I intentionally tried to engage lots of conversations about the weather, focusing on encouraging those who are really enjoying the snow. Also, Mikayla was very smiley as I painted her toe nails this evening and sat down and colored with her - dedicating my work of art with a sweet inscription to her. Funny how something so insignificant to me, really meant a lot to her.


Beverly said...

I am so jealous of your no-school snow day!! And those pictures are wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

The high here on Monday was 3 degrees. With snow. And we still had school. No fair!!! :-)