Monday, December 22, 2008

(Not So) Forgotten Photos

Does anybody else hit a 1 o'clock slump where all you want to do is eat carbs, kick it on the couch, and veg out with the computer or tv (or in my case, both?). I am SO not getting the things done that I ought to be right now.

I just downloaded the pictures that have been on my little camera for a while - thought I'd share some more of what we've all been up to lately.

Here are some pictures of the fine women devoted to helping with the Giving Tree at our church. Always such a special thing to participate in and special kudos to Susan (second picture) for all of her hard work in overseeing it all.

These pictures were taken the Sunday following the Polar Express - up at Lake Oswego - we've been to this hotel so many times and this is the first time there's ever been snow...

Are these girls out of their minds or what? John took several pictures of them actually making snow angels in their swimsuits.... Brrrr, it makes me cold just thinking about it!

These are from my day last Friday at Michele's - me loving Baxter, the kids enjoying the snow, etc....

Oh yeah, this is the "other side" to having a new puppy.....

=) Challenge, Day Twenty-one: The ball kind of got dropped yesterday. I made all of these:

to pass out to our neighbors (they are mini loaves, just so you know), but John and the kids (who traditionally pass them out) did not get around to it yesterday. So, I guess I made Mom smile when she ate a gingersnap upon stopping by....!

=) Challege, Day Twenty-two: Hoping those neighbor gifts get distributed.... I took the kids to our favorite pancake house this morning and I left a special note thanking our waitress.


beeeeeeeee said...

Hi Stephanie -

I wanted to let you know that I am still doing the Christmas Challenge, just not blogging about it right now. It's been great to focus on other people instead of my selfish self. :-)

Thanks again for the challenge - it has made this month really special!

Merry Christmas!

Stephietoo said...

I am sitting here in Bend, in my hotel room, with the sliding glass door open just a crack, listening to the Deschutes river flow by just below. The snow is falling, and I am having a great time. I can't wait for Travis to get back from work so we can enjoy this together.

Thanks Stephie for taking Bogey at the last minute and allowing me to enjoy this quick overnight trip with Travis.

Love you,

StephieAnne said...

Stephie - so glad to hear all that. Your dog has been scratching at the door to come in, but I've been denying him. Originally, I only let them out one by one, but finally gave in because they were constantly wanting out. Of course, now Sydney needs a bath and I'm not ready to deal with it!!!

(But, we are very happy to have him - and I'm so excited for you to have such a cozy experience!)

And, Bonnie, thanks for the encouragement with the little challenge, it's been very good for me too!~