Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hangin' with Kara

This is me and my buddy, Kara. Kara will be 20 in April, however, in terms of maturity, she's pretty much at my age (or older!). I adore her - she makes me laugh, challenges me with her relationship and intimacy with the Lord - and each time we meet we find something else we have in common. Yesterday, our "me too's" centered around Christmas carols and camping.

She'll be leaving for a mission trip to New Orleans on the 9th, and then back home in Lake Oswego, so after this Sunday's CCF, we won't be seeing her again until the new year (boo hoo!). So, she decided to come over and be the "Countdown Activity" of the day by helping myself and the kids create and decorate cinnamon ornaments. I think they turned our really well if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, though, that means Kara got to witness some of my "perfectionism" in limiting the kids from going too nuts with the "puffy paints". (That's a tribute to you, Heather - you are an inspiration with your tree... I'm so impressed! I will say, to my defense, that the first time Kara came over was Halloween and I completely allowed the kids free rein on their sugar cookies and amount of sprinkles).

We'll miss Kara and the rest of the collegians quite a bit during their break, but it's nice to know our Sunday evenings will be freed up for the rest of December. I can't even begin to tell you what a blessing these college interactions have been, particularly the one-on-ones. God is so good to match both John and I so well with the folks we hang with.

=) Challenge, Day Two: Isn't it awesome that when you ask for opportunities from God? He's so faithful to provide... On my way to Walmart yesterday for the ornament ingredients (which I wasn't happy to have to go get), I pulled into a parking spot and discovered a big ol' purse had been left in a cart right in front of me. I quickly scanned the neighboring vehicles to make sure no one was running back to get it, realized no one was around - and "rescued it". I took a quick peak inside and it was loaded with lots of stuff, so it didn't appear anyone had taken anything. I was practically skipping as I brought it into Walmart, so excited that my discovery would "save" someone's day and relieve them of such potential heartache. While I never got to see the person come back and get it (I left if with Customer Service), I'm sure they had a smile, and if nothing else, the greeter (who I see all the time) gave an abundance of gratitude and praise (and smiles). I assured her, it was my privilege.

As I just now recounted the story to Brayden, and the smile challenge, he said, "Yeah, but you make Mikayla and I smile every day when we open the notes in the Countdown Calendar". Ahhhhhh, I love that boy......

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Anonymous said...

Oh - your Brayden seems to know just what to say!

Your cookies are so beautiful.