Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weather Bi-Polar

I think I have "Weather Bi-Polar" disorder. At least this time of year, anyway. Because honestly, where I can wake up and be "fine" on a day like today with clouds and overcast skies overhead - yesterday, when it was brilliant blue skies (or like it is often this time of year in Central Oregon), I wake up with a mood so much better than "fine". Pretty much, the mood matches the clarity of the skies....

Pathetic, I know. And, yes, one would think I should move if I'm this influenced by the weather. But, I guess it'll just be one of those "thorn in my side" things because I doubt if we'll ever move from the Eugene area until at the very least, both kids are married. And if then.....I still think we wouldn't leave - at least not permanently.

Anyone else this influenced by the weather?

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Anonymous said...

Me, too - I live in one of the sunniest places and I think sometimes I need a break! :-)

Enjoyed your blog. I came across it in my blog surfing.

My brother and nephew are "Sanguine" personalities and it is interesting to see one generation deal with the next.