Sunday, June 08, 2008

Discovery Health Channel

This evening I discovered the Discovery Health Channel. John and Mikayla are at collegiate event with our church (in an effort to get to know our new pastor even more and support our buddy, collegiate pastor, Corey) - so I got free reign of the remote and ended up here.

First, I watched, "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant". Yup, just like the title says, women in labor pains ready to give birth, not even aware that they had a "bun in the oven". Unbelievable....I can't even imagine - but there you go, three stories that showed me it really does happen.

Next up on the programming schedule was the family with 17 (going on 18!) kids. The Duggars - a husband and wife set to give birth to their 18th biological child in January '09. I remember watching the original show when we were in Palm Desert with the Whites in 2006 - interesting to get the updated snippets now. Yet again, I sat in utter fascination of how a mom can handle 17 children and apparently keep them smiling (and her and her husband) much of the time.

So, I'm ready for bed, but I'll have something to dwell on as I lay there. I might have to check this channel out more often.....

(For the record, I am very pleased with the new candidate we have for a church pastor - he gave the most amazing message today about the story of Ruth - providing so much more insight than I had ever known, elevating it to probably my now-favorite story of the Old Testament as well. From everyone I've talked to who have had the opportunity to get to know (and about) him and his wife - he sounds like a very good fit for our church - I truly believe God has led him here....)

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