Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sound of Music

I'm gonna need a nap today. Stayed up way too late watching Maria and the Von Trapp family escape Austria. It's been probably 15 years since I've watched that movie - maybe even more. I'd forgotten just how wonderful of a masterpiece it really is - and, as an adult I can notice so many more things as I watch it - the subtleties of the romance, the innocence, the redemption....such a sweet movie.

Of course, there's a story behind why I ended up watching it. Mikayla and I took a bath together last night and as she started to get pouty about the water being too hot (a common argument between us) I tried to distract her by singing "Do Re Mi". Michele has taken to singing that with Ellie a lot, so I thought I'd try it with Mikayla. It took a while for the frown to break, but pretty soon she was asking to take our performance in front of Daddy and Brayden (who were happily playing video games). Then began a an all-out search for a VHS copy of the movie I had thought we owned. No luck. Then, we settled on watching the "Do Re Mi" scene off of "YouTube" and finally, at 8:49, we were headed to Blockbuster to just rent it.

Mikayla then asked if we could have popcorn and soda in her bed and snuggle down to watch it together. Despite my week of carb-free eating, I couldn't resist- and at about that time Mikayla proclaimed, "This has been a really fun night, huh, Mommy?"

She fell asleep right around the time Liesl started singing "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" - and by then, I was gripped. It brought back memories of eating butter coated popcorn with Wendi Zimmer in elementary school and singing "So Long, Farewell" (at least the very last part) with our best "family buddies", Nate and Stacy in an effort to impress our parents. And, someday, Lord-willing, Mikayla will snuggle with her daughter, or best friends - and recall with affection when she first watched the movie with me.

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