Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Rocket Launch

Up, up, and away!!!

One of the very cool things Brayden was able to participate in this year is the rocket launch. The 3rd grade Gilham kids all put together and assembled their pre-purchased kits, and brave moms and dads helped them spray paint them. The launch was supposed to occur last week, but due to inclement weather, it was delayed until today.

As I fought the raindrops this morning at the grocery store, I was expecting another delay, but oh no, they braved it. The temperature said 55 degrees, but that windchill probably had us in the low 40's. So, I did what I usually do on the 10th of June - I put on a turtleneck, heavy coat, and a heated neck wrap for good measure (and to help my neck muscles) and set off. John captured some really great shots of the launches, it was really remarkable just how high those things shot into the air.

Brayden did a "false start" with his rocket, which is why you see one of those pictures of predominately smoke - that was his rocket. Also, because of the high winds today, they kept the parachutes off, so the rockets didn't land with the greatest of ease.

All in all, though - a very successful event - the pride on those kids' faces was just awesome - way to go, Mr. Gulka!


LiteraryGirl said...

Shut it...
I have seen SNOW falling in the last week. SNOW. In JUNE.
Today I got so cold my feet and face actually froze because I stupidly wore long shorts and flip-flops on a field trip. Could have cried I was so cold. 20 degree windchill.
UH! Summer vacation?? I don't think so.

StephieAnne said...

I'm sorry - but a change is on the way! Hang in there - at least you're probably seeing more sunshine than we are.

BTW - I'll be up close to your neck of the woods this weekend for the Sisters' Rodeo - temps are looking pretty good in the forecast.....

Anonymous said...

His rocket was green and yellow. Imagine that.