Saturday, June 28, 2008

Check, Check, Check!

I've already made great strides on my summer checklist - I thought I'd put up some pictures of some of the more memorable events.....

First up, the s'mores on the outdoor firepit. In anticipation and celebration of Michele and the kids' arrival on Monday night, we had a quick bar-b-q and brought out the chocolate bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers. We quickly discovered that "3 Hour Firelogs" do not make for a positive marshmallow toasting experience. The marshmallow turned more grey than brown - and it took at least ten minutes to achieve that. Fortunately, we found some wood I use for decor by the fireplace and got ourselves some real flames. The picture of Michele and I is really one of my favorites. The books are on our laps, we're in cozy jammies - and just happy to be together and excited for a fun week ahead with the kiddos.

Following the girls adventures on horseback, we promised to take them to a special breakfast. Actually, the outing was more for me than it was for them, as I just couldn't wait for an excuse to eat my cherry crepes.

We figured they'd find something they like, as they all enjoy breakfast foods, but we never expected them to actually lick their plates clean. When they finished, all three begged for more - we've never had that happen!

On round two, we got a kick out of watching Ellie devour the whipped butter. How does that girl stay so small?!

Finally, time on the boat. We were questioning our wisdom in deciding to pick up the boys from their week in Harlow with the boat in tow so we could go straight to the lake. What if they were so exhausted they'd just be total grumpies with us? As it turned out, it was Mom and Dad that we should have worried about, the boys were fantastic, while for John and I - it took about 2 hours on the lake for us to get rid or our bad attitudes!

By the way, the boys did indeed have an extraordinary time. As they're boys, the details we've gathered have been a bit limited, but Brayden describes Day Camp now as a "1" compared to the "10" that is Overnight Camp. (Since they'll be attending Day Camp in July, they better be okay with that - I'm believing even Day Camp is a "10" compared to any other non-Harlow camps they do).

It really was hard to keep the negativity up when there was so much giggling amongst the kiddos - particularly once the innertube was inflated. Traig, especially, seemed to enjoy the boating experience more than ever before. And, yes, that picture at the bottom is of him, getting up on the wakeboard!!!! It was his idea to try and we were so pleased that he caught on to the concept so fast. It only took three tried for him to get up and ride for a bit, and then, he was fine to be done. I'm so proud of his courage to try and talent to achieve!!!

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Colie said...

i love to see traig up on that wake board! sweet stuff! love the pics. i can see you are fully enjoying the summer:-)