Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh CRUD!!!!

I have been having some problems with the blower system on my minivan for the last couple of years. If you want to have heat or air conditioning, it's only available at full strength - so you end up with a lot at once, and it's so loud you can't hear each other. I've lived with it, though, because I haven't wanted to spend the money.

But, I figured it was finally time - going into another high AC time period. Perfect timing as well since Michele is in town and we'll just use her vehicle to drive around with the girls and drop mine off at the service center.

That was the plan at 9:45 this morning, but when I got there, there was no apparent place to park. I drove to the end of one lane, thinking you could loop around to the other lane going the other direction - only to find I was at a dead-end and it was necessary for me to back all the way out, avoiding all of the parked cars. I felt like I was doing great - safely avoiding the cars to my side when all of a sudden....CRUNCH!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! Yes, I backed my purplish Dodge Caravan right back into a beautiful red Honda Civic. And yes, there was noticeable (but not huge) damage. (Primarily cosmetic).

What a way to totally ruin the overwhelming flow of good feelings I'd been having since Michele came into town - last night we even did the "stay up late thing" with the girls all sun-kissed lying asleep on the floor. It was "the moment" we'd wanted to have.

Then, again, I have to tell myself - it's okay - I will get over it, and it could have been much worse. For instance-

- I have insurance (with a $500 deductible - OUCH), I could have been uninsured
- No one was injured
- The person wasn't even there, so I didn't have to see the crestfallen, angry expression when they realized what I had done to their car (and their day) (Sorry, folks who have to break the news at Kendall Honda Service Center....... but, think of it this way, now you'll have another job to do.....)
- It was a vehicle I blindly backed into, and not....... (you know where I'm going with that)

Ironically, Michele backed into someone yesterday at the pool. Actually, her and the other lady both backed out of their spots simultaneously and thought they were each at fault. There was NO damage so it turned out okay, but the whole time they were talking behind the vehicle I kept thinking, "Lord, I'm so glad it's not me...."

So, the cost to get my blower fixed on my vehicle went WAY, WAY, WAY up today, but we'll deal. God is telling me that contentment is not just based on happy moments, but thankfulness that He's in control......


Colie said...

ugh. I'm so sorry both of you! I can't believe that you both backed into cars in the same week. it has to be a twin thing:-). Stuff like this always makes me replay everything in my head and say "if only". Oh well ... everyone is safe and life will go on. What a bummer though!

beeeeeeeee said...

Do you have a bumper cars place near you? Maybe you should go and get it all out of your systems! :-)

Seriously, sorry to hear about it - it sounds like a pain. But it sounds like you are keeping it in perspective.