Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy and Mikayla's Special Night

FANTASTIC weekend, I'll expand more on it tomorrow - and just put up a post tonight of some highlight pictures of Daddy and Mikayla's special evening on Friday.

I think John's favorite part of the evening was showing up at Dennis and Lisa's and having Mikayla coyly appear around the corner with such a "what do you think of me?" look on her face. That girl could hardly wait for this day to arrive....

I complimented John on all of the great pictures he took from that night, but enlightened him that he didn't have anyone take one of the two of them together. Lucky that one of the special activities they do at the dance is put together a frame of the picture that they take together once they arrive. Due to the modern conveniences of a scanner, I was able to upload that. As for the other pics of Mikayla and Erica (who took Dennis...) - here you go-

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