Friday, June 27, 2008

Experiencing "Jubilee"

On Thursday morning, the girls got to have an extra special treat as the boys were having the time of their lives without them at Harlow. We took them out to Mom and Dad's and they each got to have some special one on one time with Mom and "Jubilee".

Mom does such a great job with them - guiding them through exercises so that they learn to feel the movement of the horse and understand the rhythm, and then, as they're ready, increase the challenge. Mikayla and Nati both were given the opportunity to trot this time, and not surprisingly, they are already requesting to try "the canter" (just like their mommies at that age!).

In the middle of July, while the boys are at "Boys' Round-Up" with their daddies, the girls will get the opportunity to return again, this time, without us. We told Mom that we needed a babysitter for the three girls on that day and she eagerly said "yes" and suggested doing another lesson with them.

As evidenced by the first two pictures, Michele and I enjoy a little time with sweet Jubilee as well. I really like the picture of her and Michele - Michele said she was talking to Jubilee about how she REALLY feels about her barn and pasture buddy (Mom's other horse), Holly..........

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