Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's June!!!

Happy Summer, folks. That's what June says to me - we are in summer. While Michele's kids' last day of school is on this Wed., poor Brayden has to suffer an additional two weeks after that. We will all endure - I'm sure of it.

By the way, my nephew, Traig, turned 10 yesterday. The big double-digit birthday. This is very depressing to me that he's already there - it seems like yesterday that I was cradling him. I got to be part of a "Speed Racer" movie birthday with him and 7 of his buddies. It was a high testosterone experience and I can't say I was a huge fan of the movie - but, hey, another opportunity to eat theater popcorn and candy - I didn't complain too much. It was also fun to ride up and back to Dallas with Stephie and get a chance to catch up. I had referenced her getting hurt on our boat a couple of weeks ago, that poor thing - she ended up with a full-blown concussion and partially detached retina. She's ready to start marketing t-shirts that say, "ACCIDENTS HAPPEN HERE".

This is a scrambled post with no real plot - forgive my randomness. Oh, we went to see "Prince Caspian" on Friday night. Despite Brayden's obnoxious theater behavior (is he 4 or 9?) it was a wonderful movie. I don't think it moved me quite as much as the first one, but there's a powerful message in it, and I think it was visually spectacular.

Wish I saw some sunshine outside - I'll rely on faith to know that it will come. Happy First Day of June everyone!


Anonymous said...

Chele said:
Thanks for sharing Steph. Sometimes we just need a change of scenery or perspective to completely reverse the mood... I could use some of that at the moment while currently trapped in a classroom with a bunch of hyper, spring-fever-plagued middle schoolers... :)
In light of Steph's blog entry, I'd like to point out one of Mikayla's special talents. From personal experience, I can testify that Mikayla is TRULY GIFTED at finging those things that are lost. On a number of occasions, she has become the hero upon locating something that the rest of us simply could not find... (such as the lost hamster Mimi...) - I don't know how or why she is able to manage this, but I know that I am so thankful - as I am sure Steph was this morning when Mikayla spotted the missing keys. Good going my sweet niece!!!

Anonymous said...

Chele said:
Oops - it looks like I left my comment on the wrong post... That's what I get for trying to multitask...