Saturday, June 21, 2008

A New Restaurant Review

Last night we hit a new restaurant in Springfield. Our family is very "functionally fixed" (shout out to you, Mr. Shantz, for that term) in our eating choices. We are not gourmet, do not expect fancy, like to eat the same things every time we visit, and really need a good atmosphere and service to make the experience feel worthwhile. So, taking a risk with someplace new is sometimes not worth the money in our mindset.

In this circumstance, the decision was made easy because Dennis and Lisa invited us (it was near their neck of the woods). In the location that Carrows once inhabited since the time I was born - a new renovation occurred. In fact, it was a million dollar make-over to create the new "Hole in the Wall" bar-b-q restaurant. If the outside is any impression of the inside, we knew it would be good. Add to that the continuous, nightly, 30-45 minute wait-time since they opened - and it was a pretty good sign we wouldn't be wasting our money for the evening.

We were seated in the back room that actually did have a "hole in the wall" (Mikayla pointed that out) in the form of a mini waterfall. Nice ambiance. They also had two flat pannel screen tvs which were nice, but not necessary for us. I was starving, literally salivating waiting to order and perusing the menu - offering all of the best sort of bar-b-q variety that a girl like me loves to eat. Prices were reasonable, service was a little slow (but very friendly) - and the food was EXCELLENT! If it were up to me, we'd be returning there for our birthday dinner.

So, heads up if you are looking for a yummy, bar-b-q place to eat in the Eugene/Springfield area - this place definitely fills a need.


StephieAnne said...

Heather, did I spell Mr. Shantz's name right? Michele couldn't remember either..... That functionally fixed thing comes up in my head all the time....

Anonymous said...

I think it was Schantz? But totally not sure. And have no recollection of functionally fixed. I seem to have undergone some sort of lobotomy in the past 15 years.

And now I understand why everyone breathlessly repeated that my niece's graduation party was going to be catered by Hole in the Wall BBQ (THS Class of '08!). I didn't know it was such a sensation! I'm not a real big fan of bbq; don't like ribs and wings much, and the smoked turkey tasted mostly like smoke to me...but the pasta salads were yummy. :) If they'd had some pulled pork or beef I'd have been all over that!

StephieAnne said...

Functionally Fixed - when you do the same thing over and over, in the same way (like always taking the same path to get to our lockers or the next class)..... he encouraged us to try new routes, new ways of doing things.

They do have pulled pork - which my mom said was very good when she went there - and briscuit (sp?) that I tried off of Lisa's plate that was also good if you enjoy beef more. For the record, when I tried their food at the other restaurant 10 or so years ago, I didn't think it was all that great. So, I was pleasantly surprised that it all came together at their new restaurant.