Monday, June 23, 2008

Overnight Camp

Gasp...... Tomorrow morning, I drop my eldest off for overnight camp at Camp Harlow. It is a four-day, three-night event - and the camp happens to be less than 2 miles from my house - but, nonetheless, a huge deal for this little family.

Of course, I've been apart from Brayden for that long before, but never without the watchful eye of some "mother" making sure that he is dressed right, brushes his teeth, washes his hair at least once a week, etc.... This is a new place for me.

In an effort to prepare, Brayden's duffel bag is intricately laid out. I actually put each day-time and night-time set of clothes in their own labeled plastic shopping bag (who says those things don't get re-used......) and Brayden has already been quizzed (and passed) for which pocket of the duffel holds which things - from underwear, to goggles, to extra sweatshirts.

Fortunately for us, Brayden is bunking with three of my favorite friends for him - Jack, Andrew, and cousin Traig. In addition, I know of other buddies from his class that will also be there. He'll be in good company.

Will he miss us? I'm absolutely sure of it. But, will he be okay? - yes, I'm sure of that too - I think he's ready. Will he go through the entire day with ketchup on his face and his shorts on backward - I think there's about a 50% chance of that..... (depends on how good his counselor is!).

Will I miss him? Undoubtedly. But, will I be okay? - yup, I think I'm ready for this too, especially as short and as close as it is. Michele and the girls will be down for the week and it will be fun to rejoice in our "estrogen outings". Friday will be here before I know it. Unfortunately, I'm starting to feel the same for Brayden turning 18.......


StephieAnne said...

I have to comment on how thankful I am that the weather for the rest of this week is just glorious for Brayden and Traig - and the rest of camp. This is the first week of camps at Harlow and what a wonderful way to start out. You can't always count on the weather in Oregon - at the end of June - to work in your favor.

beeeeeeeee said...

Hi Stephanie -

I'm sure he will have a blast and will come back with some great stories to tell. (Hopefully nothing TOO exciting!) :-)

Byt the way, I don't think you were critical in your comment to me. I appreciated it because it made me think about what I put on my blog. The last thing I would want is for it to be hurtful to anyone.

And, my real name is Bonnie (but a lot of people call me B. :-)

I hope your week is great!