Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Drop Off

And there you go.... the boys are off. I'll add a few more funnies in a bit - but I have to go right now. All's to say, it was a very successful experience!


I'm back, somehow surviving the rest of the day without Brayden. It's tough, but I've managed.... =) Actually, both Nati and Mikayla expressed sadness today as they "both missed their brothers" (and to that I say, "Oh Brother!").

Actually, although I miss our buddy - I am confident he is having the time of his life. I LOVED their two counselors, "Turbo" and "Yao Ming" - particularly "Turbo". This is Turbo's first year as a counselor after having been a camper at Harlow for countless years himself. I see in him our own little guy - someday taking all of his amazing sanguine qualities and utilizing them perfectly in the camp setting (hmmm, just like his dad did one summer as "Boomer" - "Assistant Program Director"). Turbo is just the kind of kid we were hoping for, easy to laugh, full of enthusiasm, and just enough rapport with parents to give you confidence your kid is in good hands.

I forgot my camera, but Amy came to the rescue with some fun shots. The second one shows Brayden giving a high-five to Dave Mertz as he walked in. Dave is Harlow's Camp Director, and, as I've previously eluded to, a dear family friend. It was just a special moment, watching Brayden bouncing off the invisible walls, so excited, and knowing Dave is big reason why that excitement is there.

I like the picture of Brayden and I as well - it kind of reflects me and the expression often on my face when trying to get Brayden to be serious about something (like posing for a picture) when he just wants to be silly. And, the next two are pics of the counselors already getting a kick out of the kids - the second one with "our special 4" (there are 10 kids per cabin).

On the way out, Amy, Michele, and I were all grins, just so happy for the boys. (The picture reflects my attempt at fake tears). We thanked Dave for supplying such great counselors for us and he responded with some seriously funny sarcasm that I'd supply on this blog, but would never want anyone to take it the wrong way, so I'll refrain. He had us in stitches, to say the least. He also enjoyed contrasting our smiles to the previous mom that had passed him by who was barely able to keep from crying as she left her child. Maybe if the boys weren't so happy, or we didn't feel like they were in such incredible care, or they didn't have each other - but, somehow this "rite of passage" feels oh-so-right that all I can do is be ecstatic for him.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, is that a loving hug, or a subtle choke hold you have on your son? No one will ever know!

I carefully labeled and bagged Tyler's toiletries last year (I didn't go so far as to do the outfits, but I know you have your reasons) - he came home with toothpaste and shampoo leaking everywhere and some things missing, nonetheless. {sigh} And very few of the toiletries seem to have been used because our first order of business was to get his stinky butt in the shower. Adult chaperones stumbled off the bus making comments about the awful smell from all those little unwashed bodies, returning home....But he had a blast! And you will have a blast too; just don't feel too much guilt over that! Revel in the estrogren surge.

StephieAnne said...

From someone who's been there! Thanks and glad to hear it was such a great time for him. Will Tyler be going again this year?

I confess that the night makes me miss him more - something about thinking about him lying there unable to sleep....stirs my mommy instincts. But, during the day, all I can imagine is fun, fun, fun for him....

In the meantime, Michele and I are blissfully enjoying our late night evening time together, watching hokey 80's tv and all of the girls asleep here in the living room (we're on both the couches) - just what we had in mind!

StephieAnne said...

Oh, and by the way - I was trying to stronghold Brayden to get him to sit still and not goof off with the other boys - which made the pic that much more memorable -

And, this afternoon we were making predictions on how many things will not come home with our kids.

I'm guessing (at least) one pair of goggles, a towel, several socks, and perhaps a sweatshirt.....