Saturday, January 15, 2011

Still Alive.....and Hacking

No, not as in computer in coughing hacking!

We're definitely on the road to recovery, but given the fact that up until a day or two ago, John was still coughing...this cough thing lingers. (He first got sick two days before Christmas).

I'm singing praises though - we're getting through this. I sent both of the kids to school on Thursday (knowing they had Friday and Monday off) - Mikayla lasted until about 10:30 - but it was enough time for me to [finally!] get back to the gym and get to the store. (That one time I made it to the gym on the Tuesday prior to getting sick hardly qualified as a good start to better habits!).

I'm also quite pleased that through all of this extra time hanging low at home, my kids are getting along surprisingly well. They seem to realize they are "in this together" and have enjoyed being goofy together. What's super funny is when one of them says or does something funny and then they both end up laughing, invariably they both break into hacking, coughing fits.... It seems to be a little bit like yawning, once one of them starts everyone around kicks in.

Brayden finally got the chance to get out of the house and do something fun today. He was asked by his buddy, Jack to go to the UCLA-Oregon basketball game with some other buddies for Jack's birthday. What made it a truly special event was the fact that its the second time a basketball game has played in the brand new Matthew Knight Arena (aka Matt Court). It's an amazing facility, another major investment to the UO. Hopefully, it will help draw future recruits to our basketball program, as currently our team doesn't have a lot to offer....

And, folks, that's about it. John helped his mom move into a new home for herself nearby today...(John tells me its very cozy) - and Mikayla and I worked on a few party favors for her Tuesday afternoon birthday party at the local rollerskating rink (its been around forever, I think I even had a party there!). Maybe by Tuesday I'll actually get some new fun pictures up on this blog.

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cjoy said...

It's been good to hop over and catch up a bit with your blog! I'm sorry you've all been so sick - sounds like you've passed it around the house the past few weeks. Hopefully the new week will bring new energy to all of you...
Thanks for your sweet words on my blog - I'm hanging in there right now, surviving and going slow. :D