Thursday, January 20, 2011

The View from Our Room

Lucky us - we've got the deluxe "river view" room. In fact, there's even a nest where a bald eagle lives across the river. The hospital we are in is virtually brand new, so when it comes to deluxe accommodations - we couldn't ask for better.

Last night went okay. Brayden and I had a great time bonding over cats and dogs barking at themselves in mirrors and babies making expressions on "AFHV". As the evening proceeded, his oxygen level was doing so great, they turned off the oxygen just to see how he'd do - and he did great. He was able to keep it up 93% - especially as he was aware of the levels - merely coughing/taking deep breaths when it got low to bump it back up to 100%. However, as he began to get drowsy and fall asleep, the oxygen percentage would plummet - and the alarm when it dropped below 93% would wake us both up repeatedly. Eventually, they cranked it back up to 3, and even then, the alarm went off enough times to make the night's sleep a little "rocky".

So, that's where we stand. If things were based entirely on how Brayden feels while awake, I'd bet for sure we'd have him out of here today. But, last night was a setback, so we'll just have to see. Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement - it means the world to us.

Thursday Postscript:

In case you didn't see my comment - we are "Home Free". At about 9:00, Brayden's doctor came in and was so impressed with Brayden's rate of recovery that he had no hesitation to send him home. Woohoooooo!

Since we've been home (we left around 10:00), Brayden's personality has just been emerging rapidly - so much so that if I hadn't already promised his absence from school tomorrow, I'd be tempted to send him on his way! Maybe instead, Brayden and I will get some serious video game bonding going on.

We're all feeling better - just getting a shower (and a toothbrush!) was a big deal to me - not to mention a little nap to offset some of the deprivation from last night. On the way to go pick up some of Brayden's prescriptions, there was the most gorgeous sunset. Mikayla was in the car with me and said, "I think Jesus did that [the sunset] just for Brayden" - ahhhh, one of the sweetest sibling comments I've heard from them in a while. Here's what my camera caught:

So, there you go. I think our illness excitement is coming to a close - now on to celebrating a certain husband of mine's birthday coming up this Saturday. =)


Tiffany said...

Not sure how I missed you baby being sick, but sure praying for a speedy recovery.

StephieAnne said...

Yippee!!! Brayden's doctor just came in and was super impressed with how fast he improved therefore Brayden is "outta here"! We'll definitely be laying low for the next several days, but this is news to rejoice indeed!

stephietoo said...

Doing the "Happy Dance" at work! Everyone here is happy to hear that he is doing better. Love you! Let me know if you need anything.

Mary said...

Your family has been on my mind the past few weeks. I will continue to keep Brayden's and the family in my prayers.