Monday, January 10, 2011

Tough Way to Go Down, But SO Proud of Our Ducks

Oh man, what a game. Tied up at the very end, and then a fluke "no down" call allows the Tigers to make it to the half yard line. The win was wrapped up with a field goal.

It was a fierce battle. There was one call that I believe should have been given to us us - we should have had the pass interception early in the game. But, besides that, it was a shoot-out, and the [physically] bigger, stronger guys ended up on top.

I'm super proud of our team, though - they absolutely showed up and gave it their all.

And I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to come watch the game with us. The Schillings made the trip down, despite the fact that everyone has school and work tomorrow. Michael even brought some posters with him that he'd put together regarding the match-up. I think he deserves a Duck jersey next Christmas, because somewhere in that heart of his, there bleeds a little yellow and green.... =)

The Quigleys and Whites were among our crowd as well - just the perfect balance of intensity and semi-inappropriateness that we can all appreciate. By the end of the game if we heard one more mention of how AWESOME Cam Newton is or how it's the "SEC" playing the game vs. merely Auburn.....blehhhhhhh!

Tough loss, but what a ride. Proud to be a DUCK!

A final parting quote that demonstrates one more reason why we're so proud:
"You know who I thought was the star [of the BCS Championship Game]? The coach at Oregon, because he didn't leave anything in the bag. He had fake punts, he had fake extra points - he was trying to win, and win by having a lot of fun." -Tony Kornheiser on PTI today


sara said...

sorry for the loss! I didn't really have a favorite to win....i'm not much of a football fan..but I was a fan of Michael Dyer, Auburn MVP, who graduated with my son last year!!!

StephieAnne said...

Wow, that's so cool. We definitely think he deserved it (and was glad to see Cam Newton not get "everything"). So, he graduated from the private school your kids have gone to? Crazy!