Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Just Keep Moving...

I should download that as my "Theme Song" on my phone. That little soundbite of Ellen Degeneres as "Dori" in "Finding Nemo". That's definitely "my theme" right now!

Yesterday was one of the most dreaded "annual" days for me, the taking down of the Christmas decor. I know a lot of people love it, that whole "fresh start", "declutter" feeling, but not me. Yes, I appreciate having more room, and yes, it does look "cleaner", but nothing compares to the cozy atmosphere of having my home decorated for Christmas. As I was trying to take down two large trees without help and the floor was filled with decor, fir needles, bins, and boxes, and I just wanted to eat junkfood to make myself feel better (but, alas, that also is put away!) - I had to keep telling myself "Just Keep Moving".

Which is what I repeated again this morning, when 6:30 felt way too early. It was odd, as I had been waking up at that time to have the morning hot tub experience in Sunriver - it didn't seem like my body should resist so much. Only after waking up Mikayla did I realize why. In the effort to set my alarm clock, I pushed the regular time forward one hour - so yeah, that was 5:30am that I arose, not 6:30. No wonder!

And, I repeated "Just Keep Moving" again as I returned to the elliptical machine for the first time in a month. It's so cold outside and going down that long outdoor hallway at the gym to get to that machine of torture...."just keep moving, just keep moving, just keep moving".

Fundamentally, that's my mantra for this entire post holiday portion of the winter season. Keep moving, stay focused on the eternal vs. the overwhelming details that will drown me, and pretty soon the middle of March will be here. In Oregon, that doesn't necessarily equate to sunshine and 70 degrees, but it's much preferred than now. We'll get there.....

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