Wednesday, January 19, 2011


While laying next to Mikayla listening to her sleep/breathe the other night, I felt like things were off. So, even though Tuesday was busier than the entire days of January combined, I called to get her lungs listened to and checked out. I figured in my mind that it would be a waste of the $25 copay, but as a mom, sometimes you just have to go with your gut.

The doctor started nodding her head as she was listening to Mikayla - and sure enough, her left lung had fluid in it - verdict: walking pnuemonia. She was given a prescription for a strong antibiotic and sent on her way (to go rollerskating for her birthday party....the doc said that was okay as long as she took it easy).

Given the fact that Brayden has still been coughing, I went ahead and called the doc for him to get checked out today too. Brayden actually begged to stay home the rest of the day from school, but I assured him he'd be headed back to class as soon as we were done with the doc (and I got him on his first dose of antibiotics if necessary).

HOWEVER....following the doctor's appointment, instead of heading back to school - we were headed to the hospital!!!!! Not only does Brayden also have pneumonia, but his oxygen levels are so low that he needs to be admitted. I guess the standard of admission is anything lower than 93% - even after two doses of nebulizer in the doctor's office, Brayden's levels were barely at 90%.

Oh boooooooo! This was not what I expected, at all. In fact, it's really quite scary - and it breaks my heart to see my courageous young man after to face the reality of hospitalization - the lack of dignity of a back opening thin gown, the sting of an IV put in his forearm, and the nuisance of two little spokes pushed into his nostrils to administer oxygen.

Above all, though, we are thankful that he'll get better - and that we have access to this medicine and this fine hospital, and wise doctors who will work to get him to where he needs to be. And, given the tragedy that Joanne and her family is dealing with, I can't overstate enough just how blessed we are that this sickness is only what it is - and his prognosis is nothing but positive.

So, please be praying for my boy. Pray that his oxygen levels get up to where they need to be and that this hospital stay would only last for the minimum 24 hours vs. any longer. And, pray for his courageous spirit - that he would feel better enough so that his silly personality re-emerges and before long, I'll be asking him "just what were you thinking?" when he does something obnoxious again like trying to photocopy his face on our printer...... =)

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sara said...

oh I am praying for you! and your son!!!

The same thing happened to me in elementary....and I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia! ugh!