Friday, January 07, 2011

A Hearty Helping of Humble Pie

Have I ever admitted on this blog that I'm not an individual overflowing with compassion? If I haven't before, I am now. For sure, if I know a person's backstory, I can engage empathy and it kicks in, but in general I'm kind of a "suck it up and get it done" sort of person.

As a child, I didn't cry much, particularly when I was hurt. It's not that Mom and Dad modeled that, it's just the way Michele and I both were. We took pride in not revealing just how bad something hurt or crying in front of people. (Mom and Dad, on the other hand, could both be found shedding tears to "101 Dalmations" - they were a little puzzled as to what our problem was, especially when even one of our dog's dying didn't even kick on the waterworks. I think it must have been a hormone thing, because I don't think I've ever cried more than I did when, prior to my senior year, our other beloved dog died.....apparently, as children, we just kind of lacked that crying element).

Anyway, perhaps due to that, perhaps due to the headaches that I get as often as I do, when someone (like my husband), comes home and tells me he's not feeling well - but, when pressed the only symptom he can come up with besides lethargy is "chills", I'm afraid I'm just not overwhelmed with sympathy. Especially when it's two days before Christmas and three days before a major family vacation. However, I know I did my best to provide the nurturing support my husband seemed to long for, but I admit, it was not easy.

Fast forward two weeks and what do you know? That same little "bug" that took out John, has attacked me. It has completely destroyed my body's internal thermostat. One minute I'm freezing despite 6 layers of clothing and blankets, the next I'm burning up, sweating through all of them. I am not exaggerating when I say that I soaked through 7 sets of clothes yesterday (I know, TMI...) - and ended up taking 4 baths. (And, can I just whine that "energy efficient" water heaters suck! Wouldn't it be glorious to run a bath at full force and not run out of hot water half way up? I keep it at a slow trickle to last as long as possible....).

Today has been slightly better. I've had less of the temperature fluctuations, a little more energy, but unfortunately, the spiky cough has come on with a vengeance (all stuff John dealt with). It feels very deep, very rattly, and has me reaching for the Mucinex every 4 hours in hopes of not contracting pneumonia (not that I ever have, but this is one unique little bug!).

I have had lots of "thinking time" through all this, as it's put my agendas and plans to a screeching halt. In an effort to see the glass "half full", here's my list of praises regarding coming down with this illness:

1.) My attitude of compassion, and how I really need to adjust it - particularly with my family members who I tend to expect to "buck up" more than others.

2.) The concern over the house. At this point, it's just NOT GETTIN' DONE. Period. I don't have the energy and have actually come close to not really caring. I can barely walk through my bedroom for all of the Sunriver bins, Christmas presents, and laundry....but, it's just not a priority.

3.) Hunger. My caloric intake prior to the new year was consistently quite high for a good chunk of time. Adjusting to an intake that would help me lose weight was not proving to be fun (it NEVER is!) - however, this bug has me not so hungry. Granted, it'd still be great to feed it with a bunch of junk food, but we're past the time for that.

4.) That this thing doesn't involve a headache or nausea....HUGE! I think everyone would agree. And, that includes sinus pain too. I'm super thankful I'm not feeling that.

5.) It's encouraging the kids to "step up" in terms of taking care of themselves - lunches, clothing choices, etc.

Ummmm, that's about it. I hope the rest of you all are staying healthy and happy in this new start to 2011 - and haven't been handed any helpings of humble pie yet!

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