Monday, January 10, 2011

It's. Never. Been. Bigger.

Not for the University of Oregon Duck Football team - that is. And not for the die-hard fans.

Tonight, we play for the National Championship. The biggest game a collegiate team can play in. The winner of this game will be the UNDISPUTED NATIONAL CHAMPIONS.

It is all very surreal, made even more so by this foggy mindset resulting from being sick, but it's big, and it's happening.

We're nervous. We hope our Ducks get out there and "find their rhythm" from the moment the game starts. We hope that they can stop the infamous Cam Newton (all ESPN announcers ever talk about) - and his big, strong and powerful team. We hope that the speed of our offense continues to dominate, despite the fact that Auburn has had over a month to try to "catch up" in terms of tempo.

But, even if it all falls apart, we are proud of our team. We are proud that they are "livin' the dream" and taking all of us with them. Way to go Ducks!

But, please, just one more time.....WIN THE DAY!!!!!!


Ladybug grandma said...

All I can say is "Amen."

Tiffany said...

We are hoping for an Oregon win down here in south Georgia, too!!! Go DUCKS!!!!

superman said...

All i can say is good luck Ducks! God will always be with you guys!

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mj said...

Good luck guys! God will always guides you!

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