Sunday, January 23, 2011

Feelin' the Love

It occurred to me that yesterday, on John's b-day, we never did sing happy birthday to him or have him blow out candles. It's a good thing that our Tuesday night group of lovely ladies took care of that for him. Heather had volunteered to prepare dinner for us - (it was super yummy rice bowls with all sorts of things to add in) and along with dinner, she brought an adorable (and delicious) carrot cake for John.

It was an especially poignant evening for us ladies as more "stories" were shared and we were all challenged to say "Yes" to the Lord and watch expectantly for Him to move through our lives. To end the evening with my hubby being honored in such a way...well, let's just say the Rileys have definitely been feelin' the love lately!


Rejoice Always said...

So happy! It makes it easy when you have an incredible family to love on :):) I hope everyone is feeling better!

Jen and Bern said...

What an awesome cake!

julie fulton said...

I now remember from reading your Blog last year, that John and I have the same Birthday. Weird huh? I am so glad that Braden is doing better and that you are all finally well. That must have been scary. Pancho got pneumonia the day after I read your post about "eating some humble pie". Thank you for posting that because I needed to hear it :). I love reading your Blog and thank you again for bringing Kaela into our lives!