Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why We Love These College Students

The last time we went to CCF, we knew Mikayla was super tired, so we purposely chose to sit in the back where the couch was, and even brought her blanket - as the nap was inevitable.

It didn't take long - and she was out. At the end, I ended up manuevering her off of my lap, and mingled a bit.

While I was gone, Katy and Shannon spent some time with her. Apparently, Katy thought it would be hilarious to be food in Mikayla's hand and have Kaela take a picture of it all. So, here's the pictures - one of Katy's stunt - and the second of their apparent laughter over the whole thing.

And moments like this - this one, caught on film - are why we just love hanging with the college students!

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