Monday, May 03, 2010

Blizzard Beach

It's not often my expectations are exceeded, but today that happened. There are two Disney water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Michael asked that we make Blizzard Beach our first of the two visits - so off we went today - arriving about 20 minutes before it opened. This allowed us the opportunity to reserve eleven lounge chairs right up in front of the wave beach for the Schillings, Whites and us: "Schitelys" - (Mom and Dad opted out of the "Water Parks and More" tickets - so they are currently at Kennady Space Center).

Blizzard Beach is completely themed as a winter snow lodge - if it weren't for it being 90 plus degrees, you might just believe you were in the Swiss Alps. But, then, there are all the intertubes scattered about - and warm water shooting out everywhere - it kind of clues you in something is slightly off. =)

Once we secured our seats, Mikayla and I took off in one direction while Brayden and John took another "slope" - Four rides under our pocket, Mikayla and I decided to go for the "big one" the Summit Plummet - 120 foot drop. And, that girl did it! I'm so proud of her, she went right before me. She's become quite the daredevil, as there isn't a ride yet that she hasn't been willing to try - and for the most part loved. However, for both of us - those drop rides were just a bit too much friction, enema action (of course she doesn't know what that means) - and wedgie producing for me to truly love.

There was also a super long lazy river encompassing the entire park - which our whole family enjoyed in tandem. The boys also hit the "Training Academy" where they ziplined, and used an overhead net to try to traverse across faux icebergs. Finally, let's not forget the wave beach....

Our previous experience at a water park was Wet and Wild in 2007 in Redding. This one absolutely put that one to shame. They even threw in some "atmosphere" music to set the stage for the experience - after one particular ride with Mikayla early on, I heard the instrument version of "Sleigh Ride" and while the song was so out of context.....I couldn't help but feel like (and excuse the Hannah Montana reference) I'd truly hit the best of both worlds.

Super good day - and in an effort to stay in those spirits, we opted out early, after about 4 hours of "cooking in the sun". I'm currently a very happy camper back in the air conditioned hotel, giving me an opportunity to catch up a bit on at least my camera and today's post. I hope this week is starting off exceeding your expectations too. =)


cjoy said...

I'm lovin' this...we're Disney fans and can't go for a while. I feel as though I'm living it through you. : )

ryanjess said...

ahhh love it!! :) wave pool eh?

j.nelson said...

oops... i guess i was logged in as my sister.... haha..

StephieAnne said...

Not big enough waves to use a surf board - that's at Typhoon Lagoon!