Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So Proud!

The following pictures were taken by Kaela Lee on the afternoon of the same day we put on the Football 101 event (which took place in the morning):

You are looking at pictures taken underneath the Washington Street bridge in Eugene. Most local residents, when hearing about that location, immediately think - homeless community.

For the last several months, on their own initiative, members of the AO House (guys' collegiate house owned by our church), set up a program called "Bikes and Burritos" where they would ride down to that location and distribute burritos. Our local paper even covered their story on the front page - how cool is that?

So, when our church, who distributes food in this location on one Saturday a month, asked if the "Bikes and Burritos" guys would like to take over a Saturday, they said "yes" - and ran with it.

Over 50 college students showed up to help - with about half of them having already attended our "program" (some of which were actually volunteering to help for ours too). Over 700 plates for food were distributed - equaling a lot of hungry people being fed. But, beyond just food, the event was turned into a "block party". Haircuts for both men and women were offered, crafts and games for the kids were set up, manicures, face-painting (for the kids) - and even bike repair was available. And, to top it off, a local Christian band, "Caleb and Sol" came and did a concert.

No pastors led this up - Corey wasn't even there - it was just the students. And, I'm so proud. I hope their fervor for giving of themselves - which so glorifies the Lord, never extinguishes with age. Right now, they are my role models!

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Anonymous said...

Really, really, REALLY cool and encouraging. Isn't it becoming clear that God is raising up a generation of young people who are being prepared to do an amazing work?? When I was growing up in church the youth programs were apathetic, lifeless, an afterthought. Now, at Calvary Corvallis too, we have young people who are already amazing leaders doing great things. Let's pray our children join that movement of God!