Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthday Bar-B-Q for Will

Yesterday, we hosted a little bar-b-q shin-dig. It was originally purposed to have some quality time with this dude: Aaron, but then, given today is Will's birthday, we figured we'd use that as an excuse to expand the invites.

I like how Sydney finds a way to get right in on the action. She's our built in "Swiffer Picker-Upper".

Sunday was supposed to be our best chance of sunshine, but at lunch time, it chose to rain. It did end up clearing up later on, but still, with temps in the 50's.....brrrrrr!

Hence, we all moved inside.....

Here's me, trying to fit 21 candles into the strawberry rhubarb pie for Will (and they all turned out, yeah!)

The obligatory group photo - we had to get Kelli and Brian (front row - left side) to lean forward, as the sun coming in from the skylight had them looking quite ethereal otherwise! (And, note how Syd found a way to get in the pic too, even from outside!)

Kaela (who took all these pics) caught a great one of Trav and Steph. I love having them partner with us as we host all these "young-uns"!

Mikayla was super hyper - way over the top - with all of the students around. She begged incessantly to get them each to take their turn out on the tramp with her. Her and Keith caught some pretty good air.

This is the group of us, who weren't taking a turn on the tramp, reviewing the Trinity Formal pictures from the night before on the computer. None of these guys went.....they are a bit on the older end of the college student spectrum, so many of them are no longer in school - in fact, in this picture, none of these guys are.

I thought this pic was funny - Mikayla opening the door to request her next "victim" after wearing Keith out......

The picture of Mikayla and Kaela - taken at the moment where Kaela was tickling her to get her to smile.

Happy 21st birthday, Will!


j.nelson said...

The rhubarb pie... uhhhg so good. seriously steph - legit. Thanks for hosting us. Happy Birthday my dearest :) :)

StephieAnne said...

Thanks Julie - and what are the odds that Will will ever read this and see your message? =)

Anonymous said...

In that tickling picture Mikayla looks a lot like your dad to me...

Argh, this weather!!! (Need I say more? Okay, I will - I had to dig out a box of clothes from the attic that were intended for fall, to get a warm puffy coat for Isabel - cuz who knows when summer will actually get here?)